Orkut turns 5

orkutA blue screen hooks millions of individuals across the world as they sit n scrap on the world’s 3rd best social networking site Orkut.com. Orkut Büyükkökten, a turkish software engineer at google started Orkut 5 years back and since then it has become a way of life for people across India and Brazil.

Orkut turned 5 this 22nd Jan but this years things haven’t been abuzz as they do at google. Google is no exception; the users of Orkut are also in no mood and some have even changed their profile messages to “Leaving Orkut”.

I have been one of those individuals who have sudden surges in orkut activity. These are times when I am free and have nothing to do, although there is a very strong community of people(more social in nature) who keep it buzzing. But there has been a change.The amount of futile activity on orkut has been greatly reduced. Maybe the initial excitement has gone down and people are using their time judicially.

After 5 years of existence the big question is “Will Orkut be Axed ?“. Orkut hasn’t been able to generate the revenues and hasn’t been one of the most successful projects of Google. Another thing I feel could let Orkut down is the lack of Apps, as one facebook. The microblogging platform of google-Jaiku has been axed. Does a similar fate lie ahead for Orkut or can they generate a successful revenue model for Orkut for it to keep buzzing.


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