An evening walk

I have many times felt that being in the company of so many people sometimes stagnates thought and listening to stories of growth, work, bitching, contaminates thoughts. When I start getting such a feeling, I know, I need a change, away from the phone calls, family, friends and everybody – Time to refresh, press F5.

The best way I think is of an evening walk, alone in the company of the positive greenery to just rejuvenate from the fast city life. Lack of time prevents me from having an evening walk everyday, but finding out time for 2-3 days gives back the mental strength to cope up with the other rats of the rat race. So if you think you are getting short of fresh thoughts – take a break.


2 thoughts on “An evening walk

  1. Taking a time alone for urself in dis nasty environment gives so much peace to ur mind n soul, even u get to know more about urself, n started loving urself more then b4, the every breath u tke in n out in a fresh air makes u feel different, try to listen the silent noises of birds, gentle breeze, cloud’s movemnt frm here to there and u feel like, u r in heaven n d angels of heaven startd fall in love with u n ur thoughts… n u r in a new era of imaginating world which is full of peace,love n care… so always try to spend time with urself w/o any cell phone, w/o any cigrates n all……Just u and this speechless beauty of nature which is a God’s grace on this earth…

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