Bookmark marketing

I recently bought a book, The Tao of physics after more than a million people read it. Although never too late the experience of buying the book made me familiarize with the concept of “Bookmark Marketing”. The shopkeeper gave me a complementary bookmark with the book and although he didn’t offer me discount, considering the lack of availability of the book, I decided to buy it. I then asked for two more of the bookmarks for my half-finished books still waiting turn. Normally I buy novels from second-hand book stalls or big retailers who offer all kinds of books and give discounts.

The good thing in the bookmarks was that they carried a thought along with the logo of citifinancial. This makes it a useful way of marketing and brand building. Considering the huge sums of money spent on ad campaigns, distributing things of utility with the subtle presence of logo makes this kind of brand building a viable and effective option.But on the other side over painting the complementary thing can rebuff the user and he/she might not tend to use it.

If wisely done, “bookmark marketing” is a good thing for both the seller and the buyer.


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