The Micro touch

First came the concept of finance and then banks began to flourish (forget recession), then came the concept of micro-finance, which too pleased investors. Similar to it was the case of blogging. After blogging came micro blogging and twitter became an instant hit. So what next ?

I came up with 5 quick concepts where I felt the word micro could be appended without bringing a radical change in technology.

  • Micro mail/message : A quick emailing service that uses less BW.
  • Micro Degree : An informal degree that teaches basic skills of the subject.
  • Micro Talk : Don’t waste your time in long telephonic conversations. Use micro talk and save bill.
  • Micro meal: For the diet conscious people
  • Micro Gift: An inexpensive gift for saving some cash and keeping friend happy.

There are a few instances where adding micro would be of no use like Ipod Nano,Tata Nano and there are some places where micro is too big in number – Microsoft and zillions of other companies having Micro in their name.

My Tip: Add MICRO to your business and diversify.


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