When forums become a problem

I was recently searching for details of higher education institutes and the Google search results ended up with forums on top that gave little clue on the info I wanted. Moreover some of the results had threads dating back to 2003 with queries rather than answers. It became a real task to find out webpages giving good information rather than empty posts.

As forums become popular due to community effort there is a lot of junk that gets accrued. All popular forums have page ranks above 5 and hence dwarf the small pages giving relevant information.
I was searching “Mandatory Disclosure f XYZ institute” and the search results included a flood of forum posts, all containing a similar content – “Where is Mandatory Disclosure f XYZ institute“. Worse still these had no answers and even if they had it was impossible to search from the 300+ odd pages.

I think two flaws need to be addressed here. First is better discretion used by Google search algorithm in separating such unproductive high page rank links and secondly the designers of these forums need to better design these forums to squeeze all information of 300+ pages to 3 pages, that can be easily searched.


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