How to be patient

Had I put an “a” before patient, it wouldn’t have been a big deal to be one.

How to be a patient – The “a” makes a lot of difference when it comes to meaning of the phrase. That is the small difference we sometimes fail to identify in our fast lives that takes us into an impatient life state. I am not one of the most patient individuals on earth but not very long ago, I crossed the threshold of patience quite often. It always affected my performance and did serious damage to my relationship with people around me. After the clouds of impatience faded, I realized that loosing my cool was not the best thing to do.

The answers to keeping patience are surprisingly simple but tough to implement as in most cases the heat of the moment makes you say/do things that suggest a lack of patience.

My approach to tackling the problem of impatience has given me positive results. I realized that a smile on the face is sometimes more than enough to keep mind patient and so do some irrelevant but happy thoughts. When I feel the whirlpool of anger is developing, it is better to change the ocean of thought. That results in a diversion towards calmer and deep waters that help me look deeper into the matter and come out with solutions.

Being in the heat of the moment, we usually have a tendency to look at problems and the problem creators, which makes the situation polar. These poles bring in ego and arrogance and hence the end result is that more problems creep up rather than a solution.

So to be patient it is necessary to think like a patient and ease the mind away from the problem towards the solution.


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