Slumdog Millionaire

The names sounds like a rags to riches story of a person. An unknown person from the slums made a million bucks by fraud, hardwork, luck or some divine intervention. The name is quite catchy and when I heard this for the first time, I thought of a startup that made it big.

I saw the movie yesterday and as the name suggests, a person from a slum made it big. Thats about the title and the story. BUT…

But the movie is much more than a rags to riches story.  Jamal, born in a slum goes through an unfortunate series of events including riots that gulped his mother. He and his elder brother (the slumdog in real sense) get into further trouble when they get caught in a racket that exploits such children by blinding them and making them beg on the streets. Jamal’s elder brother Salim senses the bad fate of Jamal in the camp and they with their third musketeer Latika try to run away. As expected the two brothers manage to run away by holding on to a running train and poor latika is left behind only to be saved by the two brothers later. Their life takes a series of twists and turns and one day Jamal, serving tea in a call center gets a ticket to the show “Who wants to be a millionaire “. There he answers all questions to win Rs 10 million on the first day and is left with 1 question to win the prize money of Rs 20 million. The show host Anil Kapoor hands him over to cops who question and torture him thinking he has cheated. He recounts all his life incidents that helped him answer every question asked on the show. The cops finally leave him and the Slumdog wins Rs 20 crore the following night, which also reunites with his childhood love Latika. His Slumdog turned killer brother is killed by the Gangster the same night.

This makes the movie a typical Bollywood movie with the finesse of an international film. The concept sets it apart from a traditional bollywood film , but the melodrama still exists. For instance when the two brothers are catching the train and trying to escape you can see shades of the movie Hum.

It ranks 34 on all time best movies on imdb above the like of Forest Gump,Taxi Driver,The departed and American Beauty. Winning 4 golden globes justifies the rating of 8.6 on the In all the movie is “Must Watch”.


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