Small to Big

The organized retail sector has suddenly become an ire for the small general merchants often operating a single branch. After years of successfully running their businesses they face complete oblivion from the big retailers having huge amounts of cash to spend.

But recession has given them a second and possibly a last chance. The Big retailers have mellowed down on the discounts and marketing due to the losses. For the small businessman this one last chance can be to expand business and explore the vista of opportunity and pricing. The first step is the use of technology-IT. To expand, a backbone of supply chain management has to established. This is the first step to gain the edge. Since most of the businessmen are locals, they have a strong relationship with the customer. Opening new branches in the same city can be promoted quickly with word of mouth publicity and since the expenditures will rise, they will also get tax benefits. Moreover a partnership between two or more  businessmen can also prove beneficial since the scope of the brand also increases.

I believe this period could be last opportunity for them to comeback else it might too late for them to win the competition from organized sector.


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