Spirit matters

A US airways plane went down in the Hudson river and all the passengers managed to come out unscathed from the river onto the safety of the life rafts to live another day. A plane going down in the river has happened before and the chances of survival are minimum in such situations. Normally the plane disintegrates since hitting water at a high speed is similar to hitting a block of concrete. In this case I salute the spirit and attitude of both the pilots who despite all adversity and all stats just kicked the rules of a ditching a plane in water.

Let us compare this situation with the current scenario. Gloomy clouds of recession and terrorism are taking the world down. We are looking at leaders to give us a safe landing, and I am happy to see some positive signs. Taking the example of businesses, a winning spirit to take on all challenges will be needed by their leaders to come out heads high after this long winter.

Like the pilot of the US airways plane, the leaders will have to act with the hope of winning to give a safe passage to their employees and investors.


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