Physics of Brand Google

Google has become a brand that teaches the lesson of simplicity to all other brands still struggling to identify with the customer. I was a person who liked a lot of media on a page,with a lot of features squeezed onto one page so that the visitor felt a depth in the website. Google bought a paradigm shift to this way of thinking.

Simple and easy is good and if the core feature is clear and highlighted in a simple way it is visually more appealing. Wikipedia and Squidoo are data intensive sites that go on a similar track.

A common feature I would like to highlight in all the powerful brands, which can be used in future is that they all share the colour red. Red is an attention gathering colour and it tends to catch attention. In telecom, Vodafone and Airtel carry the same colour. Yahoo and Ferrari are other reddie brands. Although there is no hard and fast rule of red, it applies in most cases. Blue is another powerful colour. Blue and Red are on the opposite ends of the spectrum ,still they strike a chord with the users. Blue is the colour of G in google (1st and 3rd). Google has both red and blue used twice in its logo.

Looking at blue brands, TATA and Twitter fare high in my brand appeal list. TATA is one the highest trusted brands in the world and I am quite proud to have worked for a TATA company. Twitter is another one. Both T’s have become a way of life. Indian IT giant Infosys is also a blue brand making a big mark.

Last but not the least, the distinct but simple shapes/text of all these brands are again a connecting feature with the customers. So if you are looking to increase the brand value of your product that has a mass audience remember the RBS(Red-Blue-Simple) rule and back it up with some good work.


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