Catching Trends

A close watch and suddenly the whole unconnected world seems to be linked in a big way. A butterfly in US may cause a hurricane in India could be true, but I’ll be discussing something much simpler.

My Blog stats
My Blog stats

While going through my blog stats I found a trend that had almost no link with my blogging trend. In the figure you can see a trend that has continued in groups of 6 days. Let 1 represent an upward trend and 0 a downward trend. The trend goes like 1-1-1-0-0-1 .

Such trends exist in each business,but the problem is in identifying them. The problem is not in finding them but taking the responsibility of finding them. Operations/Efficiency centered companies may loose out this account since it may atleast predict a low revenue period. I know most people want to see an upward trend to please stake holders and publicizing such a trend may do more harm than good.

The question arises that how can such trends help you. For start ups, it may hold relevance since the chances of gain are more and company investments can be a judicially used looking at a possible outcome. It is very simple for a blog/website, but a need to look at the all the major contributing factors is important. In the troughs some changes can be tried out and your best foot can be put during the crests. All this can be used by startups to have a trough free growth.


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