Zoho-The next web phenomena

Zoho is a product of Adventnet serving to the needs of email hosting, database applications and office suite. Founded in 1996, AdventNet is an organization providing software for a variety of enterprise customers.

I first tried Zoho when I was looking for a feedback/contact me page for my blog – Speak India. At first I am quite apprehensive of registering on any new service since it requires a new username and password to be remembered along with the cumbersome process. The good thing here was that you could use your google or yahoo account. The ease of use made my page up and running in minutes.

The good features of Zoho include an easy interface for any non-techie to use it and has a repository of powerful tools to help your business. After trying it for free your website/blog can easily leverage an application, which would otherwise require a lot of money and technical knowledge. It is ideal for startups and small businesses since a ready made and easily customizable product is available for free.

Zoho allows 10 applications are permitted for free users. It is enough to add useful functionality to your blog/website.


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