If Newspapers phase out …

Many people have predicted the doomsday of print media and the current scenario seems to amplify their voices including some popular ones. Infact this post explores the other side of the growing number of such predictions.

I certainly agree that the web has taken over the news media in a gigantic and a spectacular way. All news media sources in print and TV have a website generating quite a significant amount of revenue for them. In recession when the ads have become scarce, the online business of news and revenue through adsense is quite handy.

Coming back to the doomsday of newspaper, there are a few questions that need to be answered.

  • Can I read more online, than on paper ?
  • Do my eyes pain after long hours of sitting on computer ?
  • Is my internet connection always active ?
  • Will this source be handy ? Is it portable enough ?
  • If I print the news, will it prove cheap ?
  • Will web consume more power and harm the environment more ?

Our lives are in a highly transformational phase today. Newspaper has a negative effect on the environment and is not interactive. It is only a one sided transfer as compared to websites, which are interactive and supported with video and high quality images.

On the contrary, the power consumption might be more if millions of users simultaneously log on to the internet and first read news, then do social networking and finally explore other stuff. The first part of news reading is eliminated by the newspaper. Even the web is quite a problem for the environment. Dr Alexander, a physicist has said that google by sending query to its multiple servers consumes more power and releases 0.2 mg of CO2 per search query.

Looking at it from a reliability angle, the instability of the internet that still exists in developing countries like India, print media still has a long journey ahead.


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