Business and the girl you love

Running a business can be quite tricky and more often than not you might experience the lack of success. Finding the first client is not tough, the tough part if finding the client that pays. (Mark that as a SKyte)

It is necessary to treat our business as the girl we love. We have to be persistent with it, which is the prime factor in a relationship. Big businesses / websites / Blogs have developed because of the nurturing by the love of their founders.

I was watching the interview of Mr Narayan Murthy, the founder of Infosys-an Indian IT giant known for its good corporate governance and transparency. He told that in 1989, when Infy had not achieved the desired success after 9 years of its existence, an offer to take over the company at $ 1 million had found supporters in the tired founders, still looking for that big success. After a 4 hour discussion Mr Murthy said that he would buy the company. One of its founders then came up and joined him and then came another and finally all joined him. Today Infosys is one of the most respected companies in India.

Persistence and true love, both are required for a successful relationship. The same degree of love of the founder with his enterprise determines the limit of the sky for the company.


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