Accidental shutdown

Today, while surfing the web my foot accidentally pressed the power button and suddenly my whole activity shutdown before I realized what had happened.

This could happen to businesses too. You might go ahead with a decision that could halt your work resulting in a loss of revenue. It could be a bad marketing decision or a quick deal.

A defaming post out of impulse on the blog could change the colour of subscribers from green to red or possibly yellow.

Had I kept a safe distance from the power button of the CPU the delay caused because of the unexpected shutdown would not have come. This didn’t cause a lot of damage, but if I were writing an unsaved post, it would have cost a lot of time.

Generally these sensitive points lie within a few people, whom others like to tag “Hot headed”. An accidental touch could lead to waste of man hours or a loss of client.

It is better we be aware of the sensitive points or issues in our business. An accidental touch could do harm and the proportions of it will depend on the sensitivity of the issue.

It’s like a database. Any inconsistency could altogether change the results.

My tip: Better be aware of the sensitive points/issue that could escalate and keep a safe distance from them.


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