Slumdog Entrepreneur

Slumdog millionaire ! Howz that for an entrepreneur.

I would like to refer an entrepreneur as slumdog not in a literal sense but as someone looking to be a millionaire.

How can a slumdog be a millionaire ? It is possible only when the goal is growth of the product and not money on fictitious balance sheets.

A trader from a small locality in Delhi started as road side vendor. He realized the value of the cloth he sold and now has a big export house. A million was easy to touch for him, but his slumdog attitude still lives today. The greed of “growth” still exists.

The same could go for your blog or website. You might still have the opportunity of striking platinum if you have struck gold. And if you are the one still trying to get a foothold keep trying.

My Tip: Forget the million. Live as a slumdog and the millions will knock at your door. After all being a slumdog has its cost cutting benefits.


2 thoughts on “Slumdog Entrepreneur

  1. […] Comment! The names sounds like a rags to riches story of a person. An unknown person from the slums made a million bucks by fraud, hardwork, luck or some divine intervention. The name is quite catchy and when I heard this for the first time, I thought of a startup that made it big. […]

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