Being the victim hero

Having a car at my disposal makes life very easy for me apart from the traffic jams of Delhi. Although I have manged to find ways to deal with a traffic jam, there are days when my buggy refuses to cooperate. Today was one such day. I made up my mind to walk 2 kms rather than opting for a public transport.

The morning rush hour had gone and I had posted my management form at the Central Post office in CP. While crossing the road a beep from my phone caught my attention and on carefully reaching the other side I checked out the message.

It read

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you sit there…

Oh gosh! Is somebody following me ? Did my political statements bring me on the radar of a hidden shady government agency ? For a second I felt like a character from a Robert Ludlum’s novel; the innocent citizen who is being chased and victimized.

After scrolling down it read “Get inspiring thoughts for free. SMS…

Sometimes we can add value to our promotional content. Some might call it spam by entrepreneurs. Yes it is!

Promotional content need not be just about the product to the customer, it could be giving the customer a taste of it. While SMSing about your wonderful product to a prospective client, it is necessary to make a mark as soon as possible. So a value adding catchy thought might just do the trick as it did in this case since I Subscribed to the free thought services.

The promotional mail/SMS goes to your blog,website or any product.


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