How fast is your Clock ?

A clocks moves fast and slow depending on what we do.

It Seems to move very slow when we do a tough task, especially, which we don’t enjoy like studying about microwave. The time left suggests more hardwork is required

Time seems to go at a decent pace and makes you feel happy when you are enjoying the thing you do. Like reading, studying mobile computing, or writing fiction. This could be the activity that could strike gold for you or be a part of the process.

The hour hand of a clock could behave like a passenger of Concorde if we are enjoying, because it is something with an attached tag line of “Want more”. It is a clear indication of an unproductive activity taking place.

Watching TV you might just look back and realize that two hours went in a flash. That makes it important to not watch TV while eating. You might tend to eat more.

My tip: Just keep an eye on the clock and look for signals.


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