Breaking laws

Breaking the lawHow serious is the offense ? What can be the consequences ? These are the things that bombard our mind the first time we go ahead and the break a rule or a law. The first time I did one was in class 8 when I bunked a class. My friends did laugh at me when I told how scared I was to break the rule. These small offences keep coming and going and we seldom pay heed to them. But it is time we start giving them a serious thought because you may never know when any of them might get big enough to become the tiger of your destruction.

Recently Satyam a world renowned firm had its founder and chairman in the lock ups for a Rs 7000 crore fraud. As he claims it in his letter, a small percentage of change in the balance sheets became so big that he could no longer handle it. What started as a small fraud became so big that it brought down 53,000+ employees with it.

Taking another small example from our daily lives is the habit of over eating. We tend to take a lit extra of our favourite food only to find ourselves obese and overweight one day.

It is time we start looking seriously at those small laws we break everyday.


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