The lesson of ethics

Being ethical I believe will be the key if at all for anybody to succeed. We are all mortals and are remembered for our distinctive characteristics, which may be good, bad or even ugly.

Ethics is that part of our persona that separates excellent from the ugly. If we are ethical we belong to the excellent cadre, else we are miles down.

In the current context of Satyam and the Ramalinga Raju’s Rs7000 crore or possibly more fraud, a person gave away his life’s effort in drain just because of a evil desire to be rich. This made me think on what exactly does a human want. Being chairman of a company with 185 Fortune 500 clients is no joke nor is it a stroke of luck. Mr R Raju did all the hardwork to rise above all and create a “tiger” called as Satyam.He was respected and was a part of the excellent community discussed before.

The question that I am still trying to find an answer to is that, is there anything on the human desire rank that is above the material wealth  and respect?

If you have an answer,I’d be glad if you share.


2 thoughts on “The lesson of ethics

  1. ethics and morals, morals and ethics.

    one’s philosophy on life is Everything.

    whether one deliberately constructs it or not, one operates from within its principles.

    better to choose your own, than inherit the prevailing cultural norms.

    ‘examine oneself’ is the Prime Directive

    1. I absolutely agree with you and I’d like to elaborate a few thoughts.

      Best to choose our own; but sometimes I feel these choices are influenced by the prejudices we are brought up with, which is perfectly alright but the distinction b/w right and wrong is something where the wrong has no justifications.

      Examining oneself also has a time limit beyond which the damage has already been done.

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