Save Life

The tags of hatred reach the tag of life
The tags of hatred reach the tag of life

The tags of Gaza,Palestine and Israel are giving the tag of life a tough competition.

There has been a lot of talk about the righteousness of the Israel’s attack on Gaza. Condemnation of the attacks have come from all corners of this corner less world. I am certainly against any form of killing be it by anybody, Israel,Hamas or any country. Killing has been justified by almost all, the attackers or the counter attackers, but both the sides have been inefficient to arrive at a solution.

Looking at the events taking place and the importance being given to “Gaza”, “Israel” or “Palestine” gives an indication of only one thing, we are breeding hatred. Having whatever small knowledge I have, every person who has lead the army of hatred in the end has realized that violence was not the best option. Unfortunately this realization came much after seeds of hatred were sown for another race.

I can firmly say that both terrorists and the rebels who advocated killing as a means to freedom,money or fame realize at the end of the short journey called that they were wrong.

But who is right then. Somebody has to be right and has to intervene. That is where I believe the current world has failed today.

As bloggers we can tag “Life” to all our anti-hatred posts to keep the tag of life high above as a symbol of hope for peace.


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