Reloading your brand

A Refreshing change is what we look for. The same goes to our trusted tooth paste brand, tea brand, newspaper brand and almost all brands. So to keep up to the changing minds of the customer it is necessary to change the brand, although not drastically.

The perfect example of this type of change branding is google. Its doodles make headlines every time. The very fact that google is very close to our lives makes change branding very important. Else you might simply get bored with that same old look.

Another example is your blog / website. Readers would love your content, which is primary, but a change might just clear the blurred edges of their lens. A touch up of your logo might just do wonders but make sure you are aware of the disadvantages of it.

A change must not be a altogether different. The logo of a blog catering to entertainment related readers should not have a BBC like logo and the vice versa. It may just give an impression to the readers that you are planning for a major restructuring and you could loose the existing value of the brand. It is very important to build on the existing brand value than to depreciate it.
For FMCG products the costs associated with brand rebuilding are huge and the step could be a make or brake decision. Change branding is not a complete  makeover. A change in the colour of the wrapper is just perfect for the refreshing change your customer is looking for. A change from green to purple of the colour or a few edits in the font is more than enough. It does not cost much also but it manages to make a mark on the customer.

Change branding can also be part of the news journals, although much care has to be adopted here. The change should be subtle, maybe a slight change in the corners of pages, a change in border. Focusing on web, BBC website is a perfect example of such change branding.

Content or the quality of your product is the core support of your successful building (product) . To make people keep coming towards the building depends on its appeal, its outer appearance. Change branding comes after you’ve established a brand. To make sure people don’t bored of  the skyscraper, you need to make it new just before they get bored of it.


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