How to drive in a traffic jam

Staying in Delhi and frequently encountering a traffic jam has made me device a few tactics, with which I am effectively able to evade the perils of traffic jam.

My 5 easy tips

  1. Assume that other drivers don’t know how to drive and take extra care by honking frequently to make them aware of a possible collision course.
  2. Patience is a virtue but it becomes the prime necessity in a traffic jam. Loosing it will make you vulnerable to all the devils of traffic jam
  3. Doesn’t matter if a restless driver in his early 20’s overtakes you. He’ll be standing not far ahead. Trying to overtake may just cost more fuel, so in a way you are helping earth
  4. Start early to avoid being late. There is no other alternative.
  5. Music is almost essential to keep cool

And most importantly, be smart and try to avoid it!


2 thoughts on “How to drive in a traffic jam

  1. Put precisely and correctly. I am happy that there still are people around how think that way. I only wish to add to the point 5 and suggest one extra point to it.
    5. Music is almost essential to keep cool: But be sensible when choosing what volume you listen it to. The music should be the help to keep cool and not add distraction. Also this will not make you def to the outside sound.
    6. Always drive in your lane do not jump jump among the lanes. The key should be don’t look for a space where your car can fit, look for the way ahead lest you have to come back to your original lane after driving for a few feet.

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