How to avoid spam

How to like Spam.

Spam mails , calls and SMSs have become a part of life now and the whole world wants to know about a solution to avoid them. Technology and data has penetrated into our lives so much that they have become a part of our lives.

I receive a call from a number 9711… everyday. Everytime the same female voice like a robot speaks about new ringtones, wallpapers and games available. Now everytime I make an effort to pick it up. Why I’ll tell you. I pick it up and cut it. I thought of saving the number, but I stopped myself with the thought of expecting something else associated with the 9711.. number. I am waiting to see when a person live will call me up with a number starting from 9711…

The fact is that we all are spammers. At office we spam and at home we act as victims and get frustrated for what we do in our cubicles. See I too spammed you. I was tempted to title this post “How to like Spam” but I titled it “How to avoid spam” expecting you would search for it on google. So, I tried to spam google.

Our newspapers are the spammers we don’t really get frustrated at. They spam us with ads we don’t want with our daily news. So why do we not complaint ? because it is being practiced before spamming became common to a small web entrepreneur looking to promote his content for free.

I think it is time we accept spamming as something purely related to business and not an invader of personal space. Infact a protocol for spamming can be developed to promote. For instance the subject should include “SPAM” or anything else and when we are free we attend to a few spam mails/sms/calls.


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