Diwali Fireworks

illiteracy in India is not something new to us. If you look closely, about 90% of India’s population is illiterate about the deteriorating state of environment. They are not aware of the damage being done to the society even after repeated attempts to civilize them and make them aware of the degrading environment.

As I am writing this post, crackers are going out in my neighborhood park. An uncivilized family is displaying their show of illiteracy outside. Despite repeated attempts by the government and media, people still light crackers and go on and on.

Not realizing the fact that they are killing their own environment and surroundings, they still burn excessive amount of crackers and the story gets bigger every year. If we go on at this rate, our very own world will end up soon.Compare the damage done by crackers to the damage done by cigarettes. Ambumani Ramadoss banned cigarettes in the capital and gave solid justification for it. What about crackers ? Aren’t they damaging our lungs and that too on a larger scale than cigarettes ?

Its time our government take some bold decisions and ban crackers. The vote bank politics is also the one restraining them as they fear the loss of the Hindu vote bank. A stricter policy can only ensure Indians on a straight, environment friendly track. History has shown us that we never learn form others mistakes. we have learnt only when our hand was burned. This rapid burning of crackers, an unashamed act of us, shows that money spent on increasing awareness is a big waste.


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