The White Tiger : Entrepreneur’s review

I just finished reading the novel, The White tiger by Aravind Adiga and this book has managed to leave its mark on me. The book is about a boy who was named munna by his parents. Later his teacher gave him a name, Balram Halwai. He comes from a small town in Laxman Garh and he somehow manages to get out of the town and come to delhi as hos master’s driver. In Delhi he encounters the golden haired prostitutes and witnesses his master’s divorce. He observes his master taking bags loaded with money to give it to the politicians in favour of reduced tax liabilities. One day while on such a trip, his master is carrying Rs 700,000. He murders him and runs away with that money to Bangalore. All this at the cost of his family in Laxmangarh, his village, where his master’s father might have gotten(and he did) all of them killed. Thats about 80% of the story.

The next 20% is the part which got more of my attention. How does he use that money ?
His habit of overhearing helps him find out about the business of outsourcing and call centers. He decides to start his taxi service. He bribes the police, and gets over with the case of murder registered against him and takes the help of men in uniform to get his business going.

The manner in which the story has been written is something I have never seen before. It is in the form of a series of letters to Mr. Wen Jiabao, the premier of China, who is on a visit to Bangalore to learn more about its entrepreneurs. The way the illiterate Balram Halwai has been described is another amazing part of the book. The man from darkness, who is exploited by the world becomes the boss of the light.

During a time of recession, the big business are said to be finding it as a tough period but it is hay time for enetrepreneurs. One of my friends has his own start up and he said that it is good time for entrepreneurs to reduce employee salaries and cut down the number of employees.

The positive part about The white Tiger is the way a man from darkness rises in bad times. Although I do not approve of the way adopted, it could be taken as an inspiration also.

India’s description is another talk of debate. Being a delhiite I believe the book captures the beat of delhi and the life of a driver in Delhi. How a driver has to take the blame of his masters foolishness, clean his car, take him to the brothels, make him a drink while driving and on top of it still listen to his taunts.

It is must read book for every Indian and anybody who wants to look at the relationship between Indian politicians and businessmen or have a peek at India’s vein, its blood vessels, who drive the country everyday.


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