The school going terrorist

There are hundreds of children who are raring to burst their crackers out on the streets, in their colonies and any place they find suitable to blow up. As Diwali is a few days away and the schools still going on, kids have managed to sneak in the crackers inside the school and blow them up in the toilets.

The gola bomb, a green colored cracker, also called the atom bomb is the one creating the loudest noise, when it bursts. You can feel a small bomb has just gone of in the vicinity. The explosion inside the toilet makes the impact louder. A cousin of mine was telling me about how in her school a few boys were caught and how some of them manged to blow up a few bombs.

This reminds me of my school days, when I was in class X and during my English class a bomb had gone off in the toilet of that very floor. My English teacher said something that makes me smile even today. He said that imagine a boy peeing the moment the bomb explodes in that toilet. How would he react and what would be his state of mind. That I thought was quite an astute observation. It makes me think of that poor guy who by the luck of fate happened to be there at the very moment the cracker bursted. His misery does not end there. As he’ll come out of the toilet, the disciplinary teachers will surround him, like police around a convict. They will question him, look at him with suspicion and might also take him to the principal.

The idea of bursting cracker in school and not getting caught gives many a high, including me. I have never tried it, but when I was in class 12th as the house captain, I tried to protect the rule breakers as a part of the mighty kid gang. As my cousin told more about the incident that happened in her school, that happened to be my school also, she said that a few students were caught having brought crackers to schools. That brings forward the concept of traitor, the treasonist, the judas.

The story of betrayal is not new to our country. The reason the Britishers ruled us for more than a hundred years is because of these traitors, who’s minds were perverted. I would have been happier to know that nobody was caught and the whole class was suspended. But then the traitor awakens himself to the call of teachers.

Today the two students caught were brought on stage so that the whole school would’ve come to know who did it. The principal called them the chotta Raj, the goons of today and suspended them for a week. The end result, they felt humiliated and would have said some bad words to the principal in their small minds. But is the problem solved. No!

Can it be solved. The answer is again no. Till the time there will be thrill, action and adventure, these things will go on and the mighty kid will try to break the rule every year.


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