Raj Thackeray : The pawn of the game

The national goon is out, fear him!

These words silently crossed the all the national TV channels as its anchors with abnormally straight hair tireless spoke about his release. Images of a railway coach set ablaze in Bihar flashed on the right part of the screen as a video people burning crackers and celebrating holi, Diwali and whatever they could played repeatedly on the left. Two people, same goal, same ambition but perverted thoughts. It happens only in India. As I wasted my precious time on those news channels a dim but clear figure of the whole story came in front of me. The politics behind Raj Thackeray’s wild run to a tamed animal in the prison. Congress had let the Raj free till his violence and his political ambitions took tool on the Indians and his supported created havoc in Maharashtra and vandalized people and property. The congress had aimed to create a rift between Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray by letting him run free. As time moved on the crevices became wide gaps in the Thackeray camp. And when the water crossed the threshold, they tamed him with the power of law. The power of law tamed by the government, did as told and tamed the wild Raj.

A perfect hindi film script. But playing with fire is not so easy, a thing they should’ve remebered. The ripples reflected back on the congress as they had a rift in their own coalition when people accussed congress of delaying the decision to incarcerate Raj Thackeray.

This big picture now makes Raj a pawn of the game played by big daddies like vilas rao deshmukh, Sharad Powar,laloo prasad and many others.

The sad part coming out of it is that our hard earned money os being wasted and burnt up on satisfying the egos our politicians. I firmly believe that if they focus more on our developement rather than denigrating opposition, they can win more votes and genuinely take the country ahead.


6 thoughts on “Raj Thackeray : The pawn of the game

  1. The basic issue is socio-economic. Caused by mass scale and uncontrolled migration of unskilled or skilled labor from one place to another. Migrants will always take jobs from locals simply because they will work for less, live in temporary or shared shanties and work 24 hours. Their costs in their hometowns are much lower than in urban cities. This is exactly what needs to be addressed. Average Maharashtrian cannot afford to work for less because he stays with his family and sends kids to school and pays for higher costs in Maharahstra. It is simply not true that the North Indian workers are getting jobs because they are better, what is true is they are willing to work for much less and much longer because essentially things are much worse where they come from.

    Maharahstra has been highly industrialised for decades because the locals have always been disciplined, skilled and highly dedicated workers. To ignore this fact and say they are not good enough and cannot compete is insulting to Maharashtrians.

    Some pople are quick to compare the situation with migrants in the USA, convenienty forgetting that any visa based migration is basically a controlled one and aimed at filling the vacancies. What is happening is Maharashtra is simply unacceptable to Maharashtrians.

    To simply term the above situation as law and order or communal problem is ridiculous.

    People in Maharahstra are not communal, if they were then Shiv Sena would have ruled for more than 5 years out of 60 years post-independence. But the anger and frustration in Maharahstra is rising as they are being equated en-masse with MNS and labelled as, good-for-nothing, fascists and making un-fair demands. Their contribution to Mumbai is being rubbished with typical Indian arrogance. Gun toting mad men are being hailed as martyrs. Leaders in the North are ganging up and talking of punishing Maharahstra. The national media has resorted to a completely one sided reporting dictated by commercial compulsions. the entire country in general is up against Maharashtra.

    Quite frankly the Maharashtrian people are feeling alienated from the rest of India like never before. Many are beginning to question the wisdom of remaining a part of India. The concept of one country works as long as people feel they have a common future and benefit from it. If these issues are not addressed sensitively and if interestes of Maharashtrian people are ignored at the cost of others, there is likelyhood that you will see a situation like in Kashmir, Khalistan and North East.

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