As the Indian Chandrayaan mission to moon took off today at around 6 am, India’s space race took a giant leap and set into motion a chain of events that will make us a superpower. There has been some speculation about the need of chandrayaan, its goal and its need. The fact that Rs386 crore has been spent on the mission to check out minerals and water on moon may sound absurd to many as more money and resources need to be spent on Indians, who are in search of food and shelter. I have no opinions on this issue, but I decided to list down the pros and cons of this mission. There wouldn’t be a con to this mission, but the expenditure on isin question.

First taking a look at pros, it has definitely given India a huge ego boost. A clear indication to the rest of the world, more specifically chine that we are there in the space race. We have the power, talent and the resources to send a man to moon. The psychological advantage is now with us.

Chandrayan mission, part from the scientific research gain has an economic advantage too. ISRO has a commercial wing too, where it helps other nations launch its satellites. Such a mission would tell the world, we are capable and hence you can leverage our services.

Looking at the cons of this mission, there aren’t any. It is more the cons of the Indian government and their inability to provide resources at a short notice. The government has insufficient funds for the poor and if at they are sufficient they get into the pockets of middle men. The law and order is pathetic. The Hindu-christian problem in Orissa has taken more than long to get resolved. The roads in the city are so pathetic that you virtually feel like you are driving on the moon. A sum of about  Rs400 crore could be diverted for that after all there is no urgency to send a satellite or a man to moon, although it is long due.

Overall, I am in favour of such missions, and I believe in a promoting science and research. These funds are the right of ISRO and their technology also needs to be promoted by significant defence buyouts.We Indians have a lot of talent and potential and with the help of good infrastructre, we can lead the world.


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