Light a bulb

The light bulb is a common electrical item we use everyday, in fact every night, in the hour darkness to light up our rooms and do our work. Something so common, so close and we still fail to notice its significance as they are produced by the millions in a sophisticated factory of  philips miles away. Some of you might use tubelights and CFL’s, but I’ve used bulb as it has a symbolic advantage.

My focus in this post is not the history of a light bulb, neither its role in providing us a well lit room. My idea of a bulb here is capability of it to produce shadows. As you light a bulb, shadows prop up, out of no where, hiding somewhere in the darkness of surroudings.

There are innumerous shadows of objects and people around and yet we fail to notice, why they are in the first place ad what they are doing to other objects and shadows around. In case of a single bulb there is only one source of light, and the object between you and the path of the bulb would be in your shadow. Taking another case, you might be over the shadow of someone else. I hope the mist around is being cleared by the bulb I just tried to light.

Ok, I’ll switch on the fog lights. By casting a shadow on somebody else , we are actually blocking the passage of energy, source of knowledge to that human being, who equally deserves to be in the light. If there are a few people in a room, a single bulb will do and we would adjust ourselves and find a suitable place with light. Imagine a country of millions of people with  one bulb, that too dimly lit by the government and no place to get direct light. The bulb is engulfed by the small insects that you can see getting accumulated near lamp posts at night. These insects are the corrupt politicians (People like Raj Thackeray. His supporters destroyed 118 buses, over 350 taxis and lots of other property in Maharashtra. For what reason, I don’t know). Spraying more light on the bulb, we as more privileged people, manage to get light and energy from the single bulb in our country. As people of god, as messiahs we can simply light another one, a small one at our backs, so at least we don’t block the flow of knowledge and transfer it to people in the outer circle.

Lighting a bulb is necessary and trust me, even if 10% of Indians manage to do that, India will be a much better place. You have to take the extra step, go the extra mile. What you’ll get in return is a fulfilling life of love. The more you give the more you get. So go ahead and light a bulb.


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