A victory of attitude

Indian team defeated Australia’s team by 320 runs,a punch they’ve felt after 18 years. It was 18 years back that the australians lost by a margin of over 300 runs. The Mohali match was captured convincingly by the whole team, which left many contenders for the man of the match award. The important thing here is that Indians have played like a unified batch of proffessionals with personal goals in sync with the larger goal of victory. The victory has won M S Dhoni many accolades, which he rightly deserves as I feel he has the charisma of a leader and has the humbleness to help success not come on the head. This is one feat I’ve seen rarely in Indians as they tend to get arrogant and start flying in air (Much like many humans).

Abhinav Bindra too shares this calm and composure characterisitic, which is the true mark of a great leader. A humble nature always gives the world champions and leaders but what its gives to the person is a cushion of comfort when he/she experiences the fall. We all have bad times and that is the same for people on top. At some point in time of their lives, they were not on top. The cushion of the fall upon a failure is what a humble approach gives them. The fall is the hardest for arrogant people and if they fail to mend ways it hard for them to recuperate.

Another live example of humbleness is Sachin who completed 12,000 runs and achieved the record of world’s highest run getter in tests. I consider Sachin, no cricketing genius and that comes form the fact that he has not yet scored a triple century in tests in his long career. He has worked hard, worked on his strengths and remained humble. Talking of others, I believe Ricky Ponting is a good batsman, but the reason his failures get more miserable is because of his arrogance.

I just hope, M S Dhoni stays the way he is today and shapes the youngsters of Indian cricket team into future champions of the game and my best wishes to all.


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