Raj Thackeray’s dirty politics

Raj thackeray has tried to dominate the seen of Indian politics for quite long now. He has done something, which was unimaginable in the wildest of my dreams. Dividing people by region has been his political formula and me being a resident of Delhi is particularly hurt by his incorrect methods.

This time it was the beting up of students from Bihar and UP who had come to give a Railway exam in Mumbai. MNS (Maharashtriya Nav Nirman Sena) supporters beat them up and they were forced to run away. When I think of this incident only one phrase comes to my mind, “What the fuck!”

It wasn’t a long time back when I came to know of this kind of politics happening in Mahrashtra. There is a bigger such scandal happening unknown to many. One of friends shared his experience of a viva, while he was in his second year, doing engineering from pune. Just as the viva began, the examiner asked him one question, “Maratha Sanga” . He replied no, I am not a Mahrashtriyan, I am from  Haryana. That was the end of his viva. He knew for sure that he would not be getting good marks in this paper. He was later shocked to learn that he had failed in the test. Imagine a person clearing theiry exam and failing in practicals. It was considered impossible in my university unless you were caught cheating.

Raj’s demand for more jobs on Jet Airways for the Maharashtriyan people were again a reminder of that. To be honest, why does god ever produce such creatures who are hell bent on dividing people on the basis of demography and religion. Secondly why don’t the Maharshtriyans protest. Wouldn’t they feel bad a man literally begging on their behalf. What would shivaji Rao think when he’d see his people potrayed as incompetent bastards resorting to killing and terrorizing people for their vested interests. Sad totally sad.

Such instances some times make me feel that why was I born in such a country. It also makes me realize a fact that the maximum heroes are Indian, just because a lotus is only found in a dirty pond.


4 thoughts on “Raj Thackeray’s dirty politics

  1. Raj Thackeray is playing a big marketing gimmick and sadly people are falling left, right and centre over his bizarre hypocritical rationale.
    For my Maharashtrian fellows who support his vote-bank politics: Don’t you for a moment sit back and think on your own? Can’t you form an opinion of your own? Are you so insecure of your capabilties that you get threatened by North Indians who you think anyways are imbecile? Can’t you compete meritoriously with the so-called stupid Northeners? When you get a chance to fly abroad why do you form coteries of Indians who are not defined by Geographical divisions but rather by their Indian identity? When West decides to stop employing Indians because we are usurping their jobs, why do you cry foul? Was Hindu-Muslim-Christian violence not enough to sate your appetite that now you require to kill a member of your own so called elite Hindu race to tame that timid beast residing in you?
    Please stop using religion and geography to further your narrow minded idealogy which understands only one language – violence albeit in numbers. Will you ever dare to stand on your own to wage this fanatical war? Hmm maybe then will you qualify to call yourself a Maharashtrian. You’ve got such a perveted mindset that you can’t even interpret the meaning of “Maharashtrian” rightly. You fall back to your stone-age tribal logic while deducing the meaning. – Your beloved fellow Maharashtrian

  2. A marketing gimmick at our price. Huh!
    Well, give it a thought. 118 buses burnt, 350 taxis damaged and other property too.

    Who the hell will pay for all this damage. Raj Thackeray.

    This is the tax payers money who toils hard. People like you and me work and pay tax to the govt.

    We pay them not for this shit.

    My aim is to not denigrate any community.

    It is just to emphasize the fact that people like Raj Thackeray are denigrating your community. He should rightfully be behind bars, not for a night, but whole life so that we can live in peace.

    I don’t want another war. Already the terrorists have made the situation bad.Look at Orissa, and the impotency of the law and order to curb such violence.

  3. Why Bihari’s are laughed; hated & disgusted?
    “Bihari’s get beaten up like dogs in other house and ran as cat…….. Then at home they torch their own house and like to call themselves as Lion”- when all such things are going on their Mr. CM is defenseless and hides his cowardice in name of India/ Country / Integrity and what not bullshit……. its height of political daridraness….. But what one could expect from a backward kurmi who till date could not even raise his head in front of the ravanic Bhumiars; Brahman; Kayasth in their own state.
    At least man should have self respect that he is a CM of state whose citizens are always and everywhere are insulted, his primary duty is to be Bihari CM but no…. oh sorry he is Bihari……. he will always talk of India .. i.e. nothing but he wants to be PM as all Bihari’s want……. ha ha ha ha ha 🙂
    Bihari’s and Bihar
    Will humbly do;
    1. Support BJP party though the old cow eating Brahman publicly as PM of India insults Bihari.
    For any other state can anybody dare…. hahaha?
    Sheila Dixit as Punjabi who started her career as politician from UP but could not succeed now in Delhi bashes Bihari & UPites as she knows the society is been ruled by a microscopic upper caste with such iron hand of atrocities since ages that no two caste from upper or backward can talk in same voice forget whole society.
    2. Bihari Bismillah Khan was not accorded the respect in AP for being Bihari; that too after receiving the highest civilian award……….hahaha
    3. Bihari “JHAKI” was not given permission in Delhi on republic Day……….. Hahaha
    4. Bihari’s get insulted, harmed, killed in Punjab, J&K, Assam, Bengal, AP, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat etc…….. who cares.
    5. …. Others they may worship the Bihari God as others want…. That is they can be selective / choosey but always slaps the same god when need be to send the message that even Bihari gods have to be in their limit…….. Example “chhat ka natak”, Karunanidhi “telling all sort of derogative things to God”
    6. Let everyone take all the mineral from this land at the same rate even when transported to any part of India – without giving any benefit to the Bihar, so that other state can develop and their own masses can perish off course in name of 🙂 “India”. Bottom line if Bihar starts developing then Bhumiars, Brahmans and lalla’s will lose out…. How could shudra; dalits could progress.
    7. See Bihari’s the days are very near when others will take away the water and we will find no har har gange in our land- offcourse in name of “holy Ganga”, “India”, “Hinduism” etc — and saving the Bihari’s from flood 🙂 ………… just one has to give the “Jhunjhuna” to our backward kurmi politician that you be made PM……. hahaha …… and for the murderer Bhumiars & other upper caste that whatever they do in Bihar no one would question you all………… hahaha
    8. Let Bihari’s get killed in Assam & NE as they are from shudra (Still after violence the remaining who flew goes back because in Bihar it’s worse than that.)
    Let Bihari’s girl be sold to Punjabi’s & Haryanvi’s for their lust, primarily due to pathetic treatment they get back home as they are tribal / shudra.
    Let…. Etc.
    9. If any politician tries to get investment thwart it to that area on names of corruption etc and see the same is not succeeded as the downtrodden will raise their head and the hegemony of the affluent will get abolished.
    I was in UP at the time of Taj Corridor- courtesy Ms Mayawati when the people started objecting I had talked with many all had to say the simple thing; she is taking bribe, pollution etc. I could not understand one thing why if she is taking bribe let her do after all in this commercial world who won’t take but why deny investment which will bring money to all the layers of society. The bottom line is to deny everyone the livelihood.
    The whole matter was closed with help of Supreme Court on flimsy pollution ground. The whole party congress, SP, BJP etc were against it (read the people of UP) and which resulted in her to doing same thing now……… all are happy.

    Take instance of Bihar right now; has the government given any land to IIT, any plan for SEZ, any plan to encourage the English language in primary education so that it becomes the recruitment hub for BPO & Call Centre, any plan for implementing reservation which was enshrined in constituent and has been implemented in many parts of India, any guts (political will) for land reforms with iron hand, …………. A big no.
    List is never ending;
    Bihari’s basic problem is that one cannot see or want any other Bihari should earn a decent livelihood……….. And that is the reason that we all land up everywhere be it Gujarat, Maharashtra, All southern states where they have given the downtrodden opportunity to get lifted into main stream since pre independence day by reservation…….
    but Bihari’s till date have circumvented always such human things to their own brethren but want themselves the benefit on the plank of “Indian”…. hahaha.
    All the upper / affluent caste Bihari comes to other land and work for the lower caste of that region but back in Bihar; Bihari’s are nothing but killers to thier subordinate caste in socio economic hierarchy of castiest society……. 🙂

    The bottom line is;
    Biahri’s do not know to live in society as blocks, they hate each other. Their whole intelligence is to skirt the issue rather than solve it. All sorts of complex thoughts shall be written, said and propagated just to see that the majority of the masses are kept denied of their basic rights in name of shudra caste. This is bare naked fact.
    All Bihari cutting across the caste lines is like “Lanka ka Ravan, Bihar ka Bhabhan” to their lower castes in socio economic castiest hierarchy society of Bihar. Then why crib and cry, why feel bad when same is meted to you all by others on regional platform. Gujarati’s, Tamilians, Keralites, Punjabis etc are respected for what they are and same is case with Bihari’s they are treated for what they are as society. Individually anyone can be bad or good but on society terms the Bihari’s as society is pathetic.
    When as society you cannot thrive how can u expect that society to progress, thus the wheels of time in Bihar since post King Ashock / from the time of Brahman Patanjali has turned the Bihar into castiest daldal in name of so called Hindu religion.

    Plssssss look into yourself 🙂

  4. A man has to be outright crazy or truly passionate about his cause to set off on a stormy journey…
    I for one believe Raj Thackray fits into the second of those possibilities. Not only that, I dont disagree with a single thing that he’s been reiterating for the past few days. It’s past few years actually as this issue came up during the last Lok Sabha Elections, in which Shiv Sena had to face heavy losses due to this strategy. So they decided to drop it from then on. That among others was the reason for the formation of MNS.
    One of the factors that has repelled me from Mumbai for years has been it’s ability to assimilate ‘trash’. People get so used to living in that garbage that they start loving it. But no one has the intent to clean it. Mumbai has become like a big dumping ground for trash from all over the country inspired by senseless Bollywood flicks painting Mumbai as the place where you should migrate to from whichever town/ village you’re from in order to bring meaning to your life! And not surprisingly we’ve hoards of dream catchers from all over the country flocking what was once a great city.
    Majority of Mumbai’s problems have their root cause at this very point. If you’re not bringing anything to the table then you shouldn’t be there has never been Mumbai’s policy. Mumbai has high percentage of Gujaratis, Parsis, South Indians too then why such situations never came up with their immigration? The reason is two fold. First, the simple and the relatively less important one, they added value to Mumbai by their immigration. The second, the more complex but important one they became Mumbai-kars. That was the society which followed the good old ‘Do in Rome as the Romans do’ philosophy. They not only respected the locals but became a part of the Mumbai society. They were affected when Mumbai was affected. They felt bad when Mumbai ranked as the most polluted city or as the city with highest number of open drains or some such thing.
    Now it is a matter of personal choice whether one wants to become a Mumbai-kar. Conservation of one’s own traditions, customs and practices is one thing, which is welcome, but arrogance and disrespect for someone else is something that should not be tolerated. Not in Mumbai or anywhere else for that matter.
    This is not a regional or a racial thing. It is just good manners and basic courtesy that we’re asking for.
    Is that too much to follow? I dont think so.
    Immigration is a natural process and has been happening across the world for centuries. I dont think it’s even a debatable issue whether it’s good or bad. It’s what the immigrants do and how they behave in their adopted city or country that is something that needs to be scrutinized. The kind of act that has been put up by actors, politicians and media over the past week makes it clear what their attitude is. How many places in the world would such things be tolerated at? Forget that… How many cities in the India will be tolerant towards it?
    What makes me believe in Raj Thackray is that he’s not going to win seats in any election by using this strategy. And that is a very big thing considering that he’s a politician. There is not a single constituency in Mumbai where North Indians are not in substantial numbers to affect the electorate. In some cases they’re even in clear majority. And more importantly they vote in patterns. The North Indians had supposedly even proved their power over Mumbai during the Lok Sabha elections when the Maharashtrian agenda was defeated. Govinda being elected is a prime example. And we know how well he has managed ‘his’ people. The last I heard people in Virar and nearby suburbs wanted to know his whereabouts so that they could bash him!
    I’m not interested in proving my point by pointing examples of incidents which have been termed as regional pride and not as un-democratic, separatistic and similar because I know I’m in a clear minority and I kind of enjoy that! People who preach about democratic principles and non-existant ideals in this situation should think what would they have done if someone was to ridicule, insult them in their own home and then treat them as if they’re the outsiders.
    Mumbai, they used to say wouldn’t be the same without it’s immigrants. Well… Looking at how things have shaped up in the past 15 years or so I couldn’t agree more! And that is in a negative sense for those who do not understand pun…
    Everything said, no one really has the will and power to find a solution or take decisions on this issue. Those who have power… well… the less I say the more civil this post would be. Raj Thackray has the will but not the necessary power and we, the people are not going to give it to him because he’s a dictator, a blood thirsty hound!
    Mumbai belongs to the Mumbai-kars. Mumbai-kars who’re Marathi, Gujaratis, Tamilians, Sindhis, Muslims or even the North Indians for that matter, but they’re Mumbai-kars first. Mumbai-kars who’re passionate about their city and want to improve it. Mumbai-kars who dont need politicians from ‘outside’ to guide them. We need to find these Mumbai-kars else Mumbai is just going to rot away the way it has been… and I’m being optimistic about it!

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