One night @ the call center

I just finished reading another masala book, One Night @The Call Center by Chetan Bhagat. I was inspired to read this book after I heard a movie Hello was being released based on this novel.My main motive to read the book was to check out how well this has been acted upon the screen. But it also inspired me to write another post. The book talks about few people who have been working at a call center and have a corrupt and a insesitive boss, Bakshi. Nothing more I am going to tell about the story. But at the end of the novel after having a chat with GOD (Yes the almighty, the God Tussi Great Ho waala GOD) they teach Bakshi a lesson. Vroom(Vaibhav Malhotra aka Mr Victor Mell aka the cool dude) rightly says that the our government should invest on building the nation’s foundations rather than opening BPO’s for American chutta (Change) since their currency is stronger and for a few bucks they get silly jobs done from a good pool of Indian talent. Our leaders are wasting a generation. Mr Presstalk (A blog I follow) has also mentioned the point of building roads and infrastructure of India in his post, ” Don’t trust the Indian Media!: Intesresting Times “.

Comming back to one night @ the call center ,in the end of it Vroom talks to all the call center guys through the public address system at the call center. What I’ll do is, I’ll quote what he has said(with a few alterations) and replace the call center in his speech with India. You will find out the true story of India.

Idiots have managed this place, because of which we have to suffer today. For their mistakes more than a third of you will lose your jobs. (eg: Mamta banerjee’s role in Tata Nano’s exit from Singur)
It does not seem fair to me
Does it seem fair to you ?

I’m asking you, does it seem fair to you.( Yes I’m talking to the one reading the post)

‘Cmon, Do I have your support to save your life and India

If yes then Speak UP.

This sounds a bit filmy. But yes we’ll have to speak up and get out of our compromised lives to help ourselves and this country. The sad part is that I don’t have a method right now in my mind to go about it.

Speak Up to whom and where ?

This is the prime reason for this blog. So that I can connect with other Indians (smarter than the rest of the world), still struggling as they are being lead by incompetent leaders who are hell bent on making money and screwing us up.
If you have a suggestion, please do write about it.


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