A photographer at heart

The meaning of time comes into focus with every passing second. This is true as I write this post. Our proffessional needs as well as our material needs drive us into a whirpool of life which shouts just one message as it engulfs one more man/woman into it. This word surrounds our life like oxygen and frequently appears in the words of a successful man.

Meanwhile, this word often drives me away from my true ambition, a goal, which deep down in my heart still exists and I am sure it still exists deep down in yours too. The factor is how deep is it and what kind of slury is on top of it. The deeper it is the harder it is to focus on it. I am big believer and admirer of beauty and my ideal life would be surrounded by it. Beauty in its raw form, a form we witness everyday, but our cyclone of thoughts manage to bury it deeper and further down. At heart, I am photographer clicking images while driving, mind you its dangerous. But it is that one word that diverts me from that true goal of mine, since my income, virtually nil can’t support it and my family won’t appreciate that decision too.

The word as you may have guessed it till now is “Competition”. The “C” that clicks our moments of beauty into a world of progression, corporate arena and examinations.

I beileve in proffessionalism too, but the invasion of it into the lie of beauty suffocates it too with the fine cloth of money. We may enjoy beauty when we have enough money is phrase too common in this life. I am no management guru but this is a fact that is hard to face for a young “educated” Indian like me who has to struggle everyday to keep everybody around him happy as he clicks through the web of a compeetition spider with the goal of being economically independent and stable everyday.


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