Kosi flood audit

A state of people and their dreams under floods of nature and of contribution by empathetic citizens; a kettle of vultures watching the scene, waiting to pounce on anything that comes their way. This is what the Kosi flood scenario is, as of now. We may ignore it, but some of the best managed funds in India are funds raised in times of calamity. They are in surplus and the managers know exactly what to do. I might sound like a cynic criticizing people, but there is nothing wrong in what I’ve said. Its just that it does not appeal to the part of the people “satisfied” with this government, compromising, exactly what we’ve been doing till now. The nuclear deal’s been great, but there is no explanation for this and the government should publish the accounts and reports of the funds and also conduct an audit for the same. This may allow them to plug an loop holes in the present scenario. Rajiv Gandhi once said that out of every rupee that is contributed, 16 paise reach the actual victim. There have been cases of milk being sold in black at sky high prices, rapes by scavengers dressed like saviors with a demoniacal core. These are issues of national interest and also national pride. The country’s pride should feel hurt when we (incl. me) talk of such things and our esteemed ministers should


One thought on “Kosi flood audit

  1. Hi All,

    Kosi (Kaushiki) furry reminds old saying “tying knot in the snakehead”. Hydropower, irrigation and flood management are conflicting objectives. Government sees $ value where as local people expects flood management. Irrigation is nowhere close to expectation. Let’s discuss lasting solution for Kosi.

    Please come together to discuss Kosi, Water, Flood, & its policy.


    Kosi Dicussion (google Group) has been motivated from Dinesh Mishra (Barh Mukti Abhiyan) mission.

    Ram Manohar

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