The IPL Encounters

It seems IPL matches have been fixed, somewhere above by the person who wrote destiny and promised each of us some enlightenment in the era of the stale reality television.
This is reality TV at its best. The matches are going to the last over, the last bowl and the last wicket. It seems like the roman era is back with the gladiators from all over the world fighting in an amphitheater and playing for their life. IPL concept is similar to the concept of gladiators fighting till the end. Initially it all seemed like a big moolah riot with the players being bidded, bought and sold much like non-living entities.

Then came the first match and the gladiator no:1(McCullum fired and bludgeoned the old jammy(Rahul Dravid) of the Indian team. Jammy and his team, it seems never recovered from the blow. What followed kept the world glued to their seats with a thrilling and nail biting action on offer. Shane Warne with his bat rode over the victory line in the first of such events. Then came the disaster of captaincy by sehwag and poor bowling by shoaib malik that helped badrinath send the devils from delhi back into the den. That just cost them their place in the semifinals. They repeated a similar mistakes against the mumbai Indians and that time it sehwag again.

As the fire on the cricketing arena was red hot and blazing, the boxing rings were not far away. Sreesanth fell victim to the aggression, anger and foolishness of Harbhajan Singh. This incident raised many fingures at the IPL and its concept.  The fire took some time to be controlled and in the meanwhile it did a lot of damage. Harbhajan lost almost 4 crore rupees and the reputation of both Harbhajan and sreesanth took a beating.

On the corporate arena was the king of good times who was not facing a very good time on the team standings chart. It was not long as the pressure created frictions and the fire got the CEO of royal challengers of bangalore, Charu Sharma, decommissioned. Venky too was on the hit list and before the trigger could be pressed a cool Rahul jammed the gun.

Then was the time of the grandpa of Bengal. oops dada. Not grandpa. Although his fielding didn;t make him any different, he still showed his skill with the bat, saving kolkatta many times. It was not long as  DADA and King  Khan’s differences were out on the front pages.

Finally with the semifinals getting close, the most gelled up teams are here and the rest are out and it will be a treat to see these gladiators entertain us in probably what could be said as the most popular cricket tournament in Indian history.

originally posted at TV Burger


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