Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer egged !

I just had my dinner and was watching TV as royal challengers of Bangalore had defeated the Chennai Super kings in T20 IPL tournament. The most unexpected thing had taken place. A virtual test side playing T20 had defeated MSD and co. Just as I swapped channel to NDTV profit, one of my favorite news reporter, with her charming smile said another unexpected thing. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had been………egged!!!


Yes she said that again. Mr Ballmer had been Egged. I was shocked and also amazed to see the video. Within no time I was online and what better place to find the video, youtube. After looking at the video I thought that Steve had actually reacted in the best way possible; “It was a friendly disruption…aa…It broke my chain of thought”. He could have got angry and walked out. After all his is the CEO of one of the richest and most influential companies.

The egger was simply a jerk, but kudos to Steve for his totally mature and balanced reaction. It also could be his flamboyant and a sort of cool nature that could have let to a cool reaction. You can check out the videos which point towards this.

In case you have missed out on the action you can see the video here


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