BRT corridor takes 2 more

After a good day yesterday at the bar camp, I woke up late today and as I held my morning tea in hand and scanned through the headlines of the paper, I found that two more people had been killed in the BRT corridor in two incidents. This project after causing load of inconvenience to people of Delhi, had started to kill people too. This was very much on the cards as the faulty design of the project couldn’t have taken it anywhere. The first person to die because the BRT corridor was mayank gulati. That was the beginning of a series of events that eventually led to the projecct being scrapped in other parts of Delhi. I stay in a colony very near to the corridor and there is no way in which I can bypass the corridor. This project, daily causes at least 1 hour of time wastage, fuel wastage and frustration as I crawl through the corridor. To accrue to the woes of the citizens are the untrained bus drivers. The cries of thecitizens have fallen on the deaf ears of the state government and I think it is high time to go against the corridorial mess. It is we who form the government and if the work of the government is against its citizens and creates inconvenience to us, such things should be scrapped and the government should be accountable for the money wasted in such projects.On the one hand there is nature’s fury in Myanmar and China and on the other is our corrupt and mismanaged government, both killing innocent people. I hope we see some light at the end of this dark tunnel of a deaf and old government.


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