Bar Camp Delhi 4

I woke up early that morning and I was not feeling very well. Having slept late the previous night, I decided to take some rest before getting ready for my first bar camp.

It was time to go and I, with my friends were on the way to Amity University(Camp Venue). My GPS, which had to navigate us to the university didn’t work well as we were in an area which wasn’t fully coded in the GPS system. The result was that we had to spend some extra liters of petrol and extra time because the path was confusing. The greater Noida expressway isn’t the best place to be if you don’t know the way. Finally after travelling for a few kilometers around the university we reached our destination.

The Bar camp sessions were good and informative and there were a couple of start ups (ondamo, routeguru and a few more) giving sessions on their products. I liked the presentation of by Nirat, which was one of the sponsors of the event. Along with this was the Amity incubator session, helping startups getting a foothold. This session was the one which I will not forget for a long time to come. As the session was about to begin, while on my way to find a good place, I accidentally managed to dislodge the wire connecting the projector to power terminal and the projector got switched off causing a lot of embarrassment. My problems did not end there. As we were trying to fix the wire back and switch it on ( a simple thing), a spark came out of the projector and the hopes of switching it on were gone for ever. Then came a replacement and the session began.

The best part of the bar camp was the quiz by Amarsh in which I won a book after a quick guess.

The rest of the day went smoothly and a cooler evening ended the eventful day perfectly.


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