Harbhajan, Sreesanth and the big IPL drama

It wasn’t a long time back when I was all gaga about this new cricketing revolution in India, named IPL.

The world forum where all cricketers united in a good spirit to play against virtual rivals had become a rage among all Indians (It still is).

As the initial thunder began to subside and things cooled down there were reports that the TRPs of this much hyped tournament were decreasing. Before these reports fizzed, there came a googly. This came from none other than the master of Indian spin, Harbhajan.

Harbhajan had slapped his team mate (rivals in IPL) Sreesanth, who broke down to tears.

Harbhajan who was the center of attention in Australia for his aggressive behavior and the famous diatribe (Monkey-Maaki controversy) against Andrew Symonds was back under the scanner.

This rather immature action of the Indian spinner caused a lot of embarrassment to the country . The first person to comment was the judge who had given the decision in favor of Harbhajan in Australia. He said that had he known Harbhajan past acts of aggression and misbehavior, he would not have given the decision in his favor.

His childish act has let down the media, which had backed Harbhajan leading to a nation wide protest against the BCCI (for not taking strict action). This time it is the same media who are backing Harbhajan’s punishment 9now he’s got one). It gives Australians a chance to point fingers at the Indians. Simply, He has let down a whole nation.

The Indian cricket team which is already the most controversial team had begun to regroup and play good cricket under the leadership of M S Dhoni (who supports Bhajji and relates this incident to the Zidane and Materazzi case). This act of him has created a crack in the team unity and as both Harbhajan and Sreesanth are Indispensable to the team and I feel it would be hard for both of them to be the same after this public display of anger and tears.

The day is not far away when they come together to play for India in the quest for win,both on and off-field.


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