A girl child left to die

I was recently watching a news channel when I came across a footage which showed a small girl (3 hours old) in an incubator with scratch marks on her face. On watching the news further, I found out that the girl had been left to die. To my horror, she had been abandoned near a sewer by her parents. In soaring heat of Delhi, she was crying near the sewer for one whole day, with no food or water. Luckily for the girl some people found her and took her to a hospital, where her condition is now said to be stable.

I felt so bad after watching this that I could not eat my dinner. Just one thought kept revolving in my mind. Why the hell was she abandoned? What were the circumstances that led to this drastic step? And what was her mother thinking before she thought of committing such an inhuman act?

Luckily for the child, no animal (dog or cat and the holy cow) saw her; else she would have easily got killed. Today the girl is in Deen Dayal Upadhay Hospiltal in Delhi with a label of unknown stuck on her body. The scratches on her face and her tears give an indication of what lies in future for her (and every girl).

This episode to have taken place in India is shame on us and I feel very harsh steps need to be taken against such people.


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