IPL and your life

The concept of IPL-ing

Hey did you see Sehwag’s knock last night, he gave a power punch and knocked out the royal challengers. Yeah the Delhi Dare Devils are looking all set to win the next one against the Kings 11 Punjab.

These lines sound similar to those you heard them today morning in your office, college or school. And yes you might well been the speaker of a few such punch lines. I am not here to collect and compile such punch lines, but discuss the concept of the IPL which seemed like a money riot in the beginning and has turned out be a run riot. But what has this to do with IPL-ing ? A lot!

IPL has hit us like a shower in a desert (but without water). I don’t want to make this simple concept of IPL-ing seem like a puzzle. This is what we wanted after all the acerbic exchanges between the players of India and Australia and all the controversy of the caste and race coming in. The money god put an end to all this.

Cricketers from all across the world have been brought under a common roof to create a virtual rivalry in a united nation. With the mania catching on, you come home from your work-place, spend three hours of your time and watch two teams play and smash the poor white ball. Those with more time come and watch the gladiators of a gentle man’s game display their skills. The ego of the bowlers must have surely got some battering. These 44 days of pure smash hit action has quickly found its way in our daily life and I have little doubts that this mania will stop after this 44 days. I am sure the richest cricket board of the world must have put some thought on the post IPL drama.

You and I,

In this beautiful world,

Green grass, blue sky,

Perfect pitch and the lights,

IPL-ing the action all live…


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