UPA govt leading India to anarchy

The UPA government has left no stone unturned to win the next election. The way they have acted in the past few months has given me an impression that they believe in the policy,

We want votes, let the country go to hell

And yes, India is in a hell like situation because of some spastic decisions taken to prevent their vote bank.

The 60,000 cr compensation to farmers is just a temporary band-aid they have applied to a problem, which is as deadly as cancer. Without going to root cause they wavered all the loan taken by a farmer. But what will the farmer do in future. Hundreds of farmers have committed suicide till now. These sleepy termites were busy eating India from inside, while the outside had started crumbling and now to save face, they decide to give away the money, which has been earned by millions of Indians and given to these thieves in the form of taxes. To save India from crumbling more, it is my appeal to everybody to not vote for congress.


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