Earth Hour for good

I recently heard about the Earth Hour being observed around the world where for 1 hour, households and businesses will turn off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances between 8pm and 9pm local time. This hour is being observed so as to reduce electricity consumption, since electricity is directly linked with burning of fossil fuels, which are used to produce electricity. this event has been widely criticized, but still I think it is a good initiative  to save the Earth. I doubt that this will really reduce the green house consumption since the electric power plants cannot be stopped and the excess electricity produced as a result of sudden decrease in consumption would have to be used somewhere. The Earth Hour initiative by the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia(WWF) and the Sydney morning herald is good as it is creating increasing the awareness about the green house gases and how we can be a bit careful and make the earth a cleaner place.I plan to contribute to this event by turning off my non-essential appliances and spread the awareness through my blog.


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