Traffic jam spoils the day

Its been quite long since the mismanagement or management (acc to delhi govt) of the Delhi’s roads have made it a mental torture for its residents and me. I am sure that 100% of the people living in south Delhi curse the govt and its ministers.More than that, the mental torture that I’ve suffered because of this took its toll on me.My sister had her last class 10th board exam and I had been given the duty to drop her to her examination center. The BRT corridor which is currently under construction made my sister almost late to her center. Had we started a few minutes late,I would have been cursed the whole life by my sister and her friend,who too had the same center. The drive to her center started the jinxed day. First I had to shout on a few motorists (with no driving sense) to get my way through to reach on time. On my way back came the behemoth of all traffic jams was there welcoming me in its hidden claws capable of dissolving your peace in the traffic and jam.With me was my mother who had decided to accompany me to bolster my sister’s confidence on her way to the center. As luck would have it we both were not carrying our mobile phones. After being clawed in for almost half hour in the jam, my car also lost its calm and silenced itself after heating up.
Now I was stuck up in the middle of a traffic jam with my car in coma. The fuel indicator pointed to empty and I thought it could be because of an empty tank. The coolant container of the car was so hot that vapors of it were coming out of it. Finally,I bought a can, went to a petrol pump and came back and filled up my car tank. In total 3 hours were wasted. The day became so tiring that on my way back from college, I slept while driving and banged it into an auto-rickshaw. The only good thing about this is that it teaches you to be more patient and if you are not, you might end up losing, the way I did. The bad things about the mismanagement are many. Crude oil prices are rocketing and the green house gases are increasing. Above all, we losing time and mental peace, which can cause unnecessary chaos and quarrels between people. The only solution which comes to my mind now is, “Don’t vote for congress. They cheat you”. The sheila Dixit govt has done exactly that.
Here are some (shocking)images of the BRT corridor
A policeman escorting the sacred cow of the road
 BRT corridor
A Bus stop built in the middle of the road which already is small for traffic to pass smoothly
 BRT corridor
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