Sehwag scores his triple hundred in time

Virender Sehwag has achieved this feat once again. Once again he has managed to break away from his devils of careless cricket to rise and achieve something, which only two people(Sir Don Bradman and Brian Lara) have done in the history of cricket. More than the triple blast is the time in which it has come. Time here signifies three things. Firstly, it is the time in the test match in which it was needed the most. South Africa had put up 540 runs on the board and a test match which seemed like a bored batting massacre has given a person who was out of the army, a chance to be the ace once again. This triple hundred could twist the fate of the test match,if thought out optimistically.

The second meaning of time  has much to do with sehwag’s character. The innings was a fast paced and powerful punch of timing and batting charisma.The strike rate of around 105, ensured that India was in the hunt in a one sided(batting favourable) match.

The most important meaning  of time is in relation to Virender sehwag’s declining career graph. This innings was in time to keep sehwag in the team for atleast a few more matches. If he had maintained his consistency, he would have been in the place of Dhoni today. Nevertheless, every person has come woth his own fate and fortune, and it is never too late.It could be late for the big deals and endorsements but it isn’t too late for now as in a game with big bucks, glamour and BCCI as the controlling authority,anything can happen.

My best wishes to Sehwag and the Indian cricket team.


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