Krazzy Karavan Kauses Kaos

Krazzio is world, lazzio is world,

Thoughts are old and people are sold

Kars are kaught and traffic halts

8 years after y2k with lights and taunts

Kluch it to break and speeds brake

The karavan has come to a kake

People have lost in krazy sauce

As krazzy karavan kauses kaos

Firstly, forgive me for tagging this post as a poem. I have just got frustrated with the Delhi govt because of their mismanagement and I suspect that the people in power(congress) have taken money to pass the BRT corridor project. In this poem the “krazzy Karavan” represents these people in power who have been sold off in the market. I hope you understand the agony of wasting 2 hours daily in a traffic jam, which cannot be avoided unless something radical is done by the govt.

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