Wikimania is a conference being held in alexandria , Egypt from 17th to 19th july 2008. It is for people who are working on wikimedia foundations project. You can participate in the event by submitting your presentations, panels and posters in the event. It is open for public and researchers. There are four themes on which the conference is going to be held.I have registered for the event with my submission and concept which is about having active participation of students all over the globe to join wikipedia. It could be a good opportunity for people and developers to have an experience of a lifetime.

Abstract of my event [Wiki-University]

The Wiki-University collaboration programme could pave the way for the future data gathering technique for wikipedia. The event is basically aimed at highlighting the data gathering model in which a university/college student can join wikipedia’s data gathering programme in a way that benefits both. A student studying a particular course in a university can give the best information about his/her subject. It gives both the student and Wikipedia the advantage. While exploring and studying his/her area of interest and study, the student gains valuable insight in the subject and this insight can be used to update the information on wikipedia. The factor which makes this necessary is that topics based on current affairs, economics and history are localized and best known by the people of that country or region. The educated locals of a region are the ones who can contribute in the best way to this programme. They can be classified into majorly two categories, the working class and the students. Considering the fact that the working people have more responsibilities on their shoulders, they would be reluctant to spend time and contribute for the programme. The second group, which consists of students, have a lot of work to do in their respective subjects and hence they devote a lot of time in studying and researching in their subject. The students pursuing a graduation or a post graduation course can be further segregated from the lot, as their study will be more focused towards a particular subject. A group of such registered students can formed for a topic from a group of selected educational institutions and in a period allotted, they’ll have to put in the required information. A verification panel also can be formed to ensure that there are no mistakes in the document. On successful completion of their topic, they can be awarded wiki certificate of merit from Wikipedia which could help them in future.

Wiki-university concept by Sushant Kumar



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