How to make your google gadget (esp for bloggers)

I am an Electronics and communication student, currently in the final year pursuing B-Tech in the stream. I had a fine engineering curriculum which helped me develop my soft skills to a good extent. About a year back, I started writing my blog and was discovering more about blogs and a few months back I started working on igoogle gadgets and made my first google gadget which had the RSS feeds of my blogs. That was my first brush with igoogle gadgets. The process of making it was as easy as writing a blog entry. Before working on it I thought it would be impossible for me as a student of a non-computer science background to work on it, but I finally made up my mind to see what it comprised of and what were the requirements to make a gadget. In the process of exploring the process of making a gadget I ended up making one.

Here are a few tips I would like to share especially with bloggers, who would like to have their own google gadget with the RSS feeds of their blog/page.

  1. Goto
  2. Then select API and developer tools
  3. In the gadgets menu, select Google Gadgets API
  4. Rather than the 1st 3 steps, you can directly go to
  5. Click on getting started, then go to “Google Gadgets Editor(GGE): Get Started Now”
  6. In the GGE go to file menu, click on new
  7. The examples mentioned above will list. Select the simple example of “Hello World”
  8. For making an RSS gadget select “Feeds in tabs example”
  9. Work on it and then customize it.
  10. Your gadget can then be published

you can also refer

xml file of my gadget

Check out my google gadget


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