LG viewty is just too late

LG viewty is the one of the latest camera phones launched by LG. It has got excellent reviews and its features make it a great multimedia phone with a digital camera, or putting it simply, it is a 5 mega pixel digital camera with a phone.

CNET rates it as “Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a good camera phone with a few extra features”

Rating: 8.2 (Excellent)

The phone definitely is good looking, but I feel it is just too late and too costly for its category. The trends are shifting towards phones with more features such as GPS. The phone costs a little more than Rs 20,000 ($500 approx) whereas the Nokia 6110 navigator with GPS and navigator facility costs around Rs 15,000($375 approx). The navigator has a 2 mega pixel camera and I as a user would prefer to go for the navigator as it gives me a decently good camera and an indispensable GPS with navigation facility. More importantly if you want a camera, just go buy a good digital camera. The launch of the phone also has been too late as GPS phones are taking over the market.

Too late and over priced

My verdict on LG viewty: Too late and over priced


8 thoughts on “LG viewty is just too late

  1. LG ‘beauty’ – what a phone, and is not over priced in England you can get it for £180 ($360 appx.)

  2. its not expensive at all. i got mine for £99.75. i love it as a phone. it takes really good pictures. especilly because of the camera on the front so you can see on the screen what your taking. x

  3. im getting this phone and reading reviews and so far its all good, im 12 and who NEEDS GPS???


  4. well,i had this phone and i swapped it cos i wanted buttons back..but im swapping back cos i think its better with touch,this is a great phone to have..and it is cheap for the greatness it does :D!
    i reccomend it :)x

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